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This Skateboard Brand is Black-Woman-Owned: Proper Gnar

This Skateboard Brand is Black-Woman-Owned: Proper Gnar

Meet Latosha Stone—artist, entrepreneur, and CEO of Proper Gnar—a black-woman owned skateboarding and streetwear brand. After combining her passion for art and skateboarding with a desire to change the way in which black women are seen and represented in a white male-dominated sport, Proper Gnar was born. 

After 7 years of perfecting her craft, Stone’s designs have caught the attention of millions—including big brands like Black Parade Black and the Queen Bee (Beyonce, DUH!), but more importantly, her work has been recognized and praised by the hundreds of youth and parents who are grateful for their representation in this market. 

In addition to her skate company, Stone is also known for hosting events in hopes of preparing and inspiring younger girls in the professional skateboard industry.

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