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Tips for Reducing Stress During COVID-19

Tips for Reducing Stress During COVID-19

  • Take a moment during this pandemic and just breathe

It is a very stressful time right now, with the unpredictability of COVID-19 it is important to not let the stress of the unknown get to you.  According to Global Emotions, one in three people worldwide reports feeling stressed or worried (PRWeb).  Stress can have a major impact on long-term physical health, and a person’s mental health.  

The older you get the more challenging coping with stress can be but finding healthy ways to cope with it can have long-term health benefits.  These benefits can include an improved mood, better sleep, lowered blood pressure, and a boosted immune system.  We must find ways to cope with this stress. You can do this by:  

1.    Practicing mindfulness, by focusing on the good things that are happening, and by trying to understand the triggers that may create stress.  When feeling overwhelmed, try and take a moment by breathing deeply, and block out any negative thoughts that may come to your brain.  Try creating a list of things that make you happy, and that you are grateful for. 

2.    Have a healthy diet.  Having a healthy diet and exercise can improve your mood and maintain positivity within your life.  Try setting aside 30 minutes of physical activities, these activities can include yoga, stretching, walking around your neighbourhood and getting fresh air.  You can also find physical activities and recipes online to watch.  

Try Yoga as a way to reduce stress

3.    Try and keep connected with your positive friends and family.  Set time in your day to catch up with friends and family by using Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or even a simple phone call or text message. 

4.    As much as we want to know what is going on and get the latest information on COVID-19, it is best to limit your daily news intake by looking at the news once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  Find the best time of day to watch or read the news and set a timer.  Find other activities to take up your time such as reading, writing/journaling, or your favourite hobby. 

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Try these tips to be stress free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5.    Laugh. Try finding time throughout your day to laugh. Research shows that laughing “lowers your stress hormones, relaxes muscles, improves mood and eases anxiety” (PRWeb). Find activities that encourage laughter throughout the day, reading a book, watching a funny video, or laughing with a friend or family member.   

Start small and work your way up. By that I mean try doing one or two of these activities and slowly add more to your everyday routine. The best way to reduce stress is by making it work with your lifestyle. 

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