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Tips From Kerri Walsh Jennings To Upgrade Your Daily Routine

Tips From Kerri Walsh Jennings To Upgrade Your Daily Routine

How does someone train to become the most productive beach volleyball player of all time and still maintain a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day? Pro athlete, Kerri Walsh Jennings, shares her journey through mental toughness, resilience and consistently committing to healthy habits fueled by natural energy from foods, like almonds. Whether she’s managing the unpredictable flows of life at home with three kids or spikes in the heat of beach volleyball competition, she preserves her competitive yet composed state by grounding herself in the wellness routines that fuel her every day. California Almonds has teamed up with Kerri to share her best tips to sustaining energy in her daily routine, no matter what each day brings.

Let’s face it, we can all learn a thing or two from the best of the best. California Almonds surveyed 4,027 adults and more than 8 out of 10 consumers wish they could pick up a good morning habit. Most adults surveyed (88%) admit that they don’t prepare a morning snack to satisfy their bodies throughout the day. Kerri’s dedication to meeting her daily goals forces her to mindfully create healthy habits that we can all replicate and maintain. She relies on naturally nutritious almonds to boost her energy levels in between tasks.

“My body needs natural energy-boosting foods to perform my best during the day and radiate love and joy to my kiddos and my hubby at night,” said Kerri. “It’s important to make good choices and do the best I can with the things I can control – from my workouts and stretches to the snacks my family and I enjoy together. For me, choosing almonds and almond milk as my go-tos throughout the day help keep me satiated and steady, no matter what my day looks like.”

Kerri Walsh Jennings, Professional Beach Volleyball Player

Remembering to pack a snack every day doesn’t always happen. According to the same survey, people only stick with new habits for about an average of six months. So how do we make our routine fueled and consistent? 

Kerri is a strong believer that we become what we’re surrounded by. With lots of healthy choices at home and on-the-go, it naturally becomes a habit to snack on nutrient-dense foods. Her signature trail mix is a delicious mix of plant-protein, nutritious vitamins and dietary fibre that keeps her and her kids up and running. The trail mix consists of almonds, tart dried cherries (pitted), dark chocolate chips or carob chips with dried apple pieces.

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Whether you’re running a household or working long hours, you may benefit from Kerri’s advice on smart snacking, self-care and creating a vision of success:

Kerri’s motto is “breathe, believe, battle”. Whether it’s a new challenge at the gym or a personal obstacle, if you envision yourself taking the necessary steps to achieve success, then you get even closer to achieving it. Kerri is an advocate for generous amounts of self-love and self-care. This means getting a good night’s sleep, maintaining your hydration and nutrition throughout the day, and moving your body in ways that are fun and exciting to you.

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