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To Sundress or To Romper

To Sundress or To Romper

To Sundress or to Romper?

Yes, that is the question this summer. And while the experienced lady’s onesie is comfortable and easy; you must acknowledge that the Maxi/Sundress has been done to death. Well, I know that I have.

It’s just so easy and people tend to treat you as if you put some effort into your appearance. Men quite genuinely seem to appreciate this effort and other women do also depending on the fabric.

I, like most modern women, refuse to iron. As a matter of fact, whenever I’m traveling with a friend and they say “hold on I need to iron my outfit”- I honestly think to myself “this is going to be my last trip with this heffa”.  Which is totally unrealistic seeing as how its sooo difficult to find someone to make travel plans with and then actually execute.   

And then there is the beloved, Romper.  Oh Romper, dear romper how I truly love thee. But as a seasoned woman, should I still be wearing the short-shorts onesie? My mother and my man would adamantly say “NO”.  But, the only opinion that matters is mine.  So let’s discuss the pros and cons of rompers.

Pros: No ironing, fun and flirty, sporty, activity-friendly, free drinks applicable.

Cons: Not business-friendly

Which of the two summer wardrobe staples will stand the test of time? It would probably be the sundress as it is more accepted as business-friendly. For example you could run into a bank, crash a wedding, meet your bae’s parents, accidentally bump into your boss (male/female); while wearing a long strappy sundress with ease and little judgment. 

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On the other hand, these same situations may be a bit more tricky in the flirty and spicy romper.  And yes it seems a bit sexist to dump all of this angst onto the already burdened shoulders of today’s women; men too are judged.

You must admit; if at the beach, it would be a little more uncomfortable to randomly bump into your male boss wearing spicy speedos as opposed to swimming trunks. I mean who doesn’t subconsciously (or consciously) take a quick gander at a man’s package if he’s wearing speedos. I would even say the gray sweatpants men wear would be comparable to the fitted female romper. While they both are covering they can be mildly suggestive.

In closing, yes the romper and sundress will probably both endure the test of time because they are both so easy and comfortable. We all need to get our minds out of the gutter and let people wear whatever makes them comfortable. I myself am leaning more towards the romper only because I like free drinks. 

Speak your mind please let us know which summer getup you prefer!

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