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Top Active & Shapewear Brands Introduce Maternity Range Collections

Top Active & Shapewear Brands Introduce Maternity Range Collections

NIKE, SKIMS and Canadian owned ANI + REN introduce new lines for recent moms!

With the large size bias in the fashion industry resulting in adaptive design, more designers are creating clothing collections for the real women in this world. 

Nike (M) is made for the changing (and growing) times a woman’s body experiences during pregnancy and motherhood.

Tried and True

To create the collection, Nike worked with moms and moms-to-be to understand the changes their bodies were going through, how they feel, and how many times they may need to use the bathroom. They listened to and learned from real moms, testing, and experimenting with different bodies (150,000) and materials (over 70). Overall, they created an innovative collection for women to look and feel their best with the same Nike sport science we all know and love.

Nike (M) comprises four core pieces including a tulip-hemmed pullover, a Swoosh bra,  tank top, and leggings. The leggings are completely redesigned from their traditional format: they removed the elastics, altered the seams, and adapted construction around the stomach. The result was increased versatility and ease of on/off wear and overall comfort and performance. 

The tulip-hemmed pullover, made from sustainable materials, allows easier access for breastfeeding. 

The importance of health and well-being, which is heightened for women during pregnancy, is even more-so during this time. Nike’s new collection not only encourages healthy movement and rebuilding strength during and after pregnancy, but empowers all women as well. Shop the collection at Nike.com

More brands are making great strides in the right direction regarding adaptable clothing and expanding their designs to fit during all stages of life. 

For example, Kim Kardashian West’s SKIMS, with her solution-focused approach to shape-enhancing undergarments for everybody, has expanded its shapewear line to include a maternity collection. The comfortable, seamless, lounge and underwear lines, support women’s constantly changing bodies and features designs for all skin tones. 

See Also

Canadian-owned Ani+Wren is a fashionable brand exclusively for pregnant women and moms, but it’s not like your traditional maternity-wear brand. The two Torontonians conceptualized a new lifestyle boutique, “with the core philosophy that pregnant women should feel confident and beautiful, rather than feeling like they’ve settled for clothes that don’t truly reflect their personal style.”

Even trendy, everyday stores like Topshop, ASOS, and H&M are stocked with maternity wear that you can rock in style. Like Asos says, “Pregnancy clothing doesn’t mean you have to completely reinvent yourself for the next nine months!”

This is yet another positive step for women and for the way we view all women’s bodies. 

Mom jeans? Yes, please.

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