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Toronto-based Lingerie Brand, Maylyn & Co. Combines Sexy with Sustainable

Toronto-based Lingerie Brand, Maylyn & Co. Combines Sexy with Sustainable

Maylyn and Co. is a family-owned company and eco-luxury nightwear brand that aims to cut out any toxic materials from their clothing while giving the customers a free and unique experience. FBI STYLE had the opportunity to interview May Deldari, the CEO and founder of Maylyn and Co.

When Deldari became frustrated with toxic material and fast-fashion, she trusted herself and took her first major step to find a solution for uncomfortable clothing. She created Maylyn & Co., a brand that succeeds in both ethical and sustainable fashion to protect nature, as well as treat its workers with respect. They use plant-based fabrics and materials imported from Persia, Morocco and India. The company values quality over quantity and ensures that it keeps the production small-scale and gives attention to every single detail during the making of the garments. In addition, they use green packaging solutions for all the orders.

To learn more about May Deldari’s life and experiences, we asked her a few questions about her company, her vision and the future of the brand.

1. Have you worked in the fashion industry before Maylyn & Co.?

Growing up in a family with a passion for textile, sewing and art, I always knew that I wanted to enter the fashion world and make a difference. I wasn’t quite sure how – I just knew that my passion and talent could lead me somewhere beautiful. It took me a while to listen to my gut feelings and trust it; until I finally decided to take massive imperfect action toward my goal. I allowed myself to make mistakes and grow. I allowed myself to change my mind and did not continue my career path in becoming a lawyer. This is the best decision I ever made.

2. How would you describe your typical day at work?

Starting my day with a 20-minute meditation followed by a cold shower and green tea after, I head to my office. Upon reaching there, I prepare detailed plans for the team to execute for the week. Plans such as projects to complete, projects to begin, assigning personnel and making sure each team member has the resources necessary to execute. A huge part of my work is responding to emails and assisting my team with execution mostly over video chats since we all find it to be more efficient. I also facilitate staff debriefing sessions, where my team freely discuss what we can do better. I work around 60 hours a week but of course, I take breaks and put aside quiet relaxation time to rejuvenate and I also encourage my team to do so.

3. What are the most satisfying and challenging aspects you have faced while building the brand?

The most satisfying feeling is offering a unique solution to the world and building a personality around it. The challenge is to connect with the right people who have been looking for you and your products.

4. Do you see other lingerie brands adapting to eco-friendly methods in the future?

I already see many slow fashion brands are doing their best in creating this positive impact on the environment and one thing we all have in common is the willingness to compromise. In other words, we are willing to cut off our profit margins and care about other things besides making money, such as ensuring fair wages for our staff, using natural fibres, eliminating nasty chemicals, sourcing plant-based raw materials, and using sustainable and green packaging, etc. We are building our brands around important social principles, but I am afraid large fast-fashion companies wouldn’t make this commitment. Maybe they will use sustainability as their new “trend.”

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5. Lastly, what is your vision for the future of Maylyn & Co.?

My vision for the future of Maylyn & Co. is to become a leader in the lingerie market and to inspire people and other companies to treat our planet and all its beings with compassion, respect and love.

To support her vision of making the world a better place, Maylyn & Co. donates a portion of their annual profit to a Flower Charity Program that makes recycled flower bouquets and gifts them to seniors at hospitals and nursing homes.

So, treat yourself or your special someone this festive season with their Holiday Gift Sale where you get 30% off on vegan silk and organic loungewear items. You can also visit their website or follow them on Instagram for more exclusive deals and offers.

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