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Toronto’s Best Kept Outerwear: My Coat is Blue

Toronto’s Best Kept Outerwear: My Coat is Blue

Toronto’s Best Kept Outerwear

While it might still be summer, we know that the autumn season is not too far away. For fall fashion lovers who want to get ahead on the trends, we’ve got the perfect local outerwear brand for you!

Natasha Patten has created an elegant and timeless collection of coats for her brand, My Coat is Blue. This company is dedicated to creating a Canadian, long-lasting, refined quality-over-quantity product that consumers can flaunt. Not only is it fashionable, but it’s also highly functional. Natasha was recently recognized for her stunning designs, receiving the Black Designers of Canada Excellence Award. She expressed her thoughts on Instagram as a way to celebrate her prestigious achievement.

“It really showcases Black designers and how far we’ve come, and overcome all the racial barriers we’ve faced.” – Natasha Pattern

The coats are manufactured in Toronto, using Italian wool-blend fabric. Natasha has over 15 years of experience in creating custom designs! She puts together fine-tailoring, expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials to create classic and modern pieces for men and women of all body shapes and sizes. Natasha finds design inspiration through her love for modern architecture, intriguing shapes and angles to create her signature styles.

Natasha shared on the What She Said Talk Podcast that she would greatly appreciate it if more people would not only support Black businesses but also support their growth and recognize their work. For her, this coat journey started when she was in seventh grade after learning how to knit. The beautiful coats that she creates today all started as a result of her long arms. In her youth, Natasha found that coats were either too short or not the right fit for her body type. Since she knew how to knit, she took the opportunity to make a coat for herself, which she received numerous compliments for! The rest is history. 

One thing she also realized was that coats were not focused on by most brands, and if they were, their pieces often faltered by not being timeless and inclusive. My Coat is Blue has received a great response from clients and the media for bridging the needs of function and style. Natasha shared on her podcast interview that “we are wearing coats in Canada from October to May and even longer… sometimes you’re wearing a great outfit with a rusty old coat and you want to take it off but you can’t.” The struggle is definitely real for fashion lovers in the cold months because warmth is always prioritized before style. Furthering this in her podcast interview, Natasha designed My Coat is Blue with the intention for customers to want to wear the coat everywhere! To quote her, “you could be dying inside because it’s so hot- but you don’t want to take the coat off.” 

My Coat is Blue is dedicated to working towards the fine designing of coats. It is their belief that the fashion industry has grown immensely in a lot of great ways, but the world of coats and outerwear definitely needs some major improvements. 

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The brand is building itself on a very ethical set of values by advocating to buy Canadian. Big companies settle abroad to reduce their costs and the constant imports and exports only hurt the environment. This also leads to tons of lost wages in Canada. Thus, supporting a Canadian company like My Coat is Blue is definitely a no-brainer!

This brand is also notably reaching new milestones of success. Actress Sonequa Martin Green, famously known for her role as Captain Burnham in the hit television series Star Trek: Discovery (2017-2021), was seen in the Granite Liv Coat thanks to her stylist Amber Watkins. The brand was also featured in Chatelaine, Flair, The Social CTV and Erica on Fashion. 

Be sure to support this amazing local coat brand come the fall and winter seasons! Let us know which coat is your favorite and how you plan to incorporate it with your style.

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