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Travel Accessories for Women

Travel Accessories for Women

When traveling, sometimes what starts as a carefree, eye-opening adventure can turn into a hair-pulling stress fest. These accessories have proven to be both stylish and essential for disaster planning. Whether I’m living it up in a beach side, 5-star hotel in Barcelona or toughing it out while hiking and youth hosteling through Scottish mountains, here are five accessories I never hesitate to pack.

Personalized Canvas Camera Accessories Bag

The cute little case designed by Precious Little Plum on is just the accessory any budding travel photographer needs to keep all their camera accessories safe and organized. It can be personalized with your name and selection of 21 different font colours. This is the perfect solution for keeping your expensive camera accessories together, as well as your other gadgets and cables. Never lose your foreign adapter plugs or cables on your travels again!

Swiss Army Knife – The Waiter

Be the woman who can do both, a Swiss Army Knife is not only essential for outward-bound, adventure-style, solo-travel but also can be handy in a pinch on more relaxed and sophisticated holidays. Picture rural French provinces. You’ve bought an impromptu bottle of wine from the local wine merchant, perhaps some cheese and ham as well. Luckily you can enjoy this where you are as the sun sets over the Canal du Midi as you’re equipped with the essentials – a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and a blade. This model also has packed inside it a toothpick (handy if you’re of traveling with your beau), tweezers (both to keep your eyebrows in check, but also for your first aid needs), a can opener, a wire stripper, and a key ring.

Anker PowerCore II 10, 000mAh power bank

I’ve found while traveling that my phone always runs out of power at the worst possible moment. Portable chargers are really useful for keeping safe while away and keeping in the loop with your family and friends back home. This portable charger is a must-have for any woman traveling the world. This little device is worth its price tag as it is able to charge your phone up to two times. It weighs 209g and is 1.5cm thick so easily fits into your rucksack, beach bag, or even your handbag to keep your phone charged on your classy evenings out.

Anker PowerCore II Slim 10000 Ultra Slim Power Bank, Upgraded PowerIQ 2.0 (up to 18W Output), Fast Charge for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More (Black)

HaloVa Toiletry Bag

My main issue with taking my makeup abroad is how bulky it can be and the niggling fear that something will decide that the height of my travels is the optimum time to explode. This bag is the answer to my fear. Sold in two gorgeous styles featuring waterproof and antibacterial compartments, this bag is a compact and stylish way to keep your makeup and toiletries safe. All that’s left to do is to whittle down your makeup selection to the daily essentials (otherwise a second checked bag is definitely a reasonable solution).

HaloVa Toiletry Bag Multifunction Cosmetic Bag Portable Makeup Pouch Waterproof Travel Hanging Organizer Bag for Women Girls, Dark Blue

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Water is the number one priority while traveling. It keeps you energized and healthy and also gives your skin a healthy glow. However, many tourist destinations advise against travelers drinking the tap water. Water-to-Go has created BPA free water purifying bottles using technology developed by NASA (including activated carbon – saving the day again!) so you never have to worry about whether your water is safe again. The bottle comes in a variety of colours and styles. It is a durable and long-lasting investment to ensure you’re well hydrated on your travels. Each filter lasts approximately 2 months and comes with a timestrip to let you know when it needs replacing.

Image result for 50cl Pink GO! Water Bottle

With all this in your bag, you’ll be ready for anything no matter what kind of traveling you’re doing!

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