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Turning your Home into an Oasis: COVID-19 Edition

Turning your Home into an Oasis: COVID-19 Edition

Turning your Home into an Oasis

During the pandemic, we’ve been spending a lot of time at home from working from home to homeschooling. All the activities that you once loved doing from the comforts of your own home are becoming so mundane. I totally get that and I can relate. 

If you’ve been urging to go on vacation (like me) but can’t, you can make some easy additions and changes to transform your home into an oasis instead. Read to the end to discover some great home renovation projects and get inspired today!

I chatted with Real Estate Broker, Pina Rao-Wittersheim about the top projects that people have been working on during the pandemic, which will hopefully give you that added push to make your stay-at-home and work-from-home life much more manageable. 

  1. What were some of the most popular home improvement projects people tackled during the pandemic?

Work from home living spaces and an outdoor oasis

Pina: “A lot of people did outside home improvements: green space and backyards, making an “oasis” (out of their home). Kitchen improvements (also) made space for a home office, finished basements turned into an office or an extra bedroom was also made into an office. Decluttering was huge… Because people are home all the time, they needed to create some beauty in their homes, an oasis of some sort (outside) and inside, some privacy so they could work from home.”

  1. Can this project add value to a home?

Pina: “Renovations always bring value to a home. It can definitely add value. In my opinion, kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in a home for resale value. Next in line is a finished basement to add extra rooms to a house. Plus, outdoor improvements are one of the optimal ways to get the most out of your home because you’re spending so much time there.” 

Therefore, pandemic home renovations were not a waste of money. For your current living situation and for future resale value.

Further, according to Executive VP of Remax Alton Ash, “Both for those looking to stay and those looking to sell, more than half of Canadians renovated their home in 2020 with the intention of living in it. With 29% renovating to enhance their lifestyle, for non-essential, lifestyle reasons such as aesthetic or recreation projects; 16% say they renovated to add to their overall market value.”

“You can’t go wrong with anything that improves your home in any way.” 

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Some ideas to help improve your home

  • Kitchen island. Spruce up your work-from-home desk (a.k.a your kitchen table) with the addition of a kitchen island (or moveable kitchen cart). It not only adds versatility but upgrades your kitchen to a luxury status.
  • Retractable awning. For those that have a backyard, attaching an awning to the back of your house is an easy way to add a nice touch of coziness (and shade!) to your new backyard oasis. Want that extra touch of glam? Consider installing a pergola (like this one) in your backyard as well.
  • Hammock or backyard swing. An easy (and magical) addition to your back or front yard (or porch) is a cute hammock or swing. Particularly one made out of netting or rope can make anyone feel like they are relaxing by the beach. 
  • Wall mural. Want a change to the walls that you see every day in your home but don’t have time to paint? Adding a wall mural such as this one from the Home Depot is easy to install, looks professionally done and can also be easily removed if you get bored of it again.
  • Rainfall shower panel. With this luxurious addition to your shower, you can really feel as if you are away at a hotel resort. Add some extra jets to the side as well, and treat your body!
  • New bathroom sink and (automatic) faucets. Upgrading your bathroom is one of the best things you can do for your home plus it adds to its resale value. An automatic, hands-free faucet is great for cleanliness and particularly during the pandemic. A new sink, such as this glass, over the counter adds a simple yet elegant piece to your bathroom-turn-spa room.

Ready, set, go!


Need some more inspiration? Check out HGTV’s Darren Keefe from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. P.S. He’s a (handsome) dancing carpenter! Inspiration complete.

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