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Underrated Countries to Travel to in 2022

Underrated Countries to Travel to in 2022

With the start of spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning a summer vacation. However, with the world opening up again, the usual go-to famous destinations can be even more expensive than usual. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most underrated countries for you to book your next vacation spot!




In Asia, if you want to differ from the usual touristic spots, Camboja is a great option to explore! The country offers many possibilities for tourists, especially the ones who are looking for an adventurous vacation. Besides the beaches with turquoise water, the many waterfalls, and the romantic sunsets, you can visit a lot of temples, such as Ta Prohm, the temple from Tomb Raider, or Angkor Wat, the biggest temple in the world. For the night, you can go to the lively night market of Siem Reap, to the many restaurants and clubs on Pub Street, or to massage parlours with fish spas. However, for this destination, because of the seasonal rains, the best time to visit is between November and April. So if you want an out-of-season vacation, this is the place to go!




Visiting a small country has its perks, especially if you don’t have a lot of travelling time but still want an amazing trip that allows you to explore the whole country. Panama has a lot to offer, from paradisiac beaches and deserts to national parks and rain forests. With that being said, there are a lot of options for tourists to enjoy this amazing Caribbean country. Besides, the people from Panama are always very welcoming and proud of their culture, allowing foreigners to immerse themselves in the experience of visiting their exquisite country!




When planning a vacation to Europe, especially in the summer, people usually go to the same places: Greece, Italy, France, and Croatia. However, a neighboring country that still hasn’t been found by tourists and is cheaper than the usual options is Albania! The country offers a variety of mind-blowing beaches with white sand, clear blue, and warm water, a true wonderland! But if you’re a mountain person, the country has options for you as well! There are many trails for hikers and many small villages to be discovered. Besides, anywhere you go, the food is always amazing and the people are extremely friendly, it’s truly paradise on earth!




Also in Asia, Laos isn’t a typical place to travel to, and even though countries in Asia are generally cheaper, you can find natural untouched beauties in Laos. This island includes natural caves, forests, and waterfalls that by themselves already make the trip worth it. However, there’s more to the country. You can also enjoy tours of the street markets, delicious French crepes (cheaper than in France!), and also the enchanting monk ritual. Either way, you can find anything you’re looking for in this fascinating vacation spot!



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In South America, Colombia is one of the most amazing underrated places to travel to, especially if you want to travel to another country and save up money at the same time (their currency is very cheap)! The country combines modern cities with paradisiac beaches, besides allowing you to stay about 2,600 meters closer to the stars. You will also be able to enjoy a lot of cultural activities the place has to offer, and salsa dancing in the very own capital of this dance!




Even though Scotland isn’t as underrated as the other countries, it still deserves being on this list just because usually people focus so much on England, that they forget that Scotland is right above, but with more economic prices. The highlands offer the most beautiful views of many mountains, besides the lovely cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the more usual ones that tourists like to visit. Additionally, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you will find a lot of the filming spots in the country, which can turn into another whole adventure for your next vacation!

Anywhere in the world, you choose to go to, there are always hidden spots to visit, and these are most likely the best ones to choose. We hope we were able to give you ideas of where to travel for your next vacation this year!



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