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Valentine’s Date Night Outfit Ideas

Valentine’s Date Night Outfit Ideas

Love is in the air, and we want you to know how much we love you …and fashion of course. Here are some outfits we love for the perfect Valentine’s date night fit.

February 14th, is the day of love and is also known as Valentine’s Day. Every year on this special day, cupid comes around with a bow and arrow striking love onto people and ….I’m sure you know how that story goes. In reality, we typically see a lot of chocolate, flowers, rom-com movies, hearts on literally everything, endless amounts of red, pink, and white, and of course the V-day holiday fashion trends. With love day coming up, we want to share some of our fav holiday styles to help get you in the spirit and inspired for your Valentine’s date night fit.

When it comes to your Valentine’s Day outfit, there is no strict styling guide, as everyone has a unique and individual style. Depending on the occasion of your V-day/night outing, it will determine the type of outfit you will put together. (This can also relate to planning any outfits aside from V-day.) For example, if you are attending a lavish event, you will want to dress up, but if you are having a chill night with friends, family, or a significant other, you will want to keep it casual. These are the first key points to keep in mind when planning your outfit. No matter what kind of evening you have planned this Valentine’s Day, try to keep your outfit aligned with your style. A way to incorporate the V-day spirit can be shown through an added V-day colour, pattern, and/or graphic to stay within the holiday spirit. Although we already know you’ll look fab nonetheless, we have listed a few of our fav looks and styles for some love day inspo.

To start off, you can’t go wrong with the classic V-day colours; pink, red and white. Together these colours scream LOVE and will be sure to show your holiday spirit when wearing them. If you don’t want to wear it together, try choosing one and running with it. To spin off these V-day colours, use a monochromatic colour scheme. Individually, these colours offer a bold look.



Veronica Levy / Blogger / Lombard & Fifth

Kathleen Barnes / @kathleen_barnes

If you’re daring enough to potentially step out of your comfort zone, try adding a print, pattern, or pair a different material/colour to your valentine’s red/pink look. This will create that trendy aesthetic.

Blogger / Blair Eadie


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Looking for a more casual fit? – put on your fav jeans and hit the town. Jeans will dress down any outfit but also offer the right amount of edge. We love a good denim look.


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Not into love day? – not to worry, a simple outfit will always look amazing.

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Whether you are spending this Valentine’s day/night with a significant other or enjoying a fun get together with friends, one thing that is for sure is you are going to need a rockin outfit. Overall, dressing for Valentine’s day this year and every year will come down to the pairing of the two famous love colours; red and pink. Once you do this, any outfit you put together will show your holiday spirit. Love yourself and be in love with your look.

P.S. Do you need a valentine? – You can be ours, can we be yours?

Love always,


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