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Voluminous Style: Hair tips for all hair types

Voluminous Style: Hair tips for all hair types

“What do I do with my hair?!” That’s a common question we (regardless of gender) may be asking ourselves on a daily basis. Someone with thin and/or dry hair may suffer even more during these cold winter days ahead and don’t even remind me about the frizz from hat-hair. Fret no more though, ladies and gents, we have just the hair solution for you. 

FBI STYLE had the chance to speak with Hair Stylist Julia Prete, from Toronto’s Salon Nuwd, who discussed some of the best advice on styling your hair this winter. 

Top tips Julia would give someone with flat, thin hair:

1. Do not use a heavy shampoo or conditioner that will weigh down your hair. Use something that is super lightweight, especially in regards to conditioner. If you’re using something too thick, it’ll weigh down your hair and will make it super flat! Using a shampoo specifically designed for flat hair will help. 

2. Using dry shampoo in between washes for thin hair will add a tone of volume, plus absorb any oil! So, you won’t be having to wash your hair every day. 

3. Not everyone is open to it, but cutting your hair shorter when you have thin hair, will make your hair appear a lot thicker than what it actually is!

4. Introduce volumizing and thickening hair products to your hair regimen.   

5. For dull looking hair, add a lightweight serum that will add shine to your hair! 

6. Root-boosting powders are great for adding a little volume as well.  

Julia’s advice for anti-frizz:

1. When coming out of the shower, try not to let your hair sit in a towel for too long. Even better, ditch the wrapping of your hair! 

2. Avoid rubbing when towel-drying your hair, try patting motions instead.

3. If your hair is extremely frizzy, using a sulfate-free shampoo will really help! Shampoos with glycerin in them hydrate the hair shaft from the inside out.

4. Hydrating masks are great to also hydrate the hair shaft, and fill any gaps we may have in our hair shaft, which contributes to frizzy hair! Plus, hair masks are good for anyone, with any type of hair. 

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“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.”

Julia Prete’s live-by quote

Julia added, “I do believe hair products work, just finding the right ones is definitely a challenge, especially when everyone’s hair is different. For instance, you and I may have the same hair type – frizzy and thin, but our textures can be completely different, so something that may work for you may not work for myself!” 

Overall, we have to know our hair type and what it needs. If your hair is damaged and dry (like so many during the winter), then you need something more for repairing and hydrating, “which will add an abundance of moisture into your hair shaft,” Julia says. On a similar note, “If you have thin, dry hair that’s not quite damaged, something like that is going to weigh down your hair drastically. If your hair is super damaged and dry, you’re going to want to use something that is for repairing and hydrating, that’s going to add an abundance of moisture into your hair shaft.” 

Also read our article for a list of professional product recommendations (plus some extra advice) from Julia as well! 

Now. we can confidently display our “Business in the front, party in the back” hairstyles, even on our virtual meetings! No pants, no problem; say hello (and welcome) to your beautiful locks on the screen!

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