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Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Even though charities, fundraisers and volunteering happen around the year, the holidays are a very special time to contribute. 

There are many ways to give back in the holiday season and most of them don’t even cost money, contrary to popular opinion. That’s why we have selected a few options for you to give back this holiday season, because whether you have money or not, there’s always some way you can contribute! 

1. Volunteer at home shelters

Especially in parts of the world where it is a cold winter climate during the holidays, the local shelters can be packed with a lot of people, which means that they need extra help to manage.That’s why an excellent way to give back is to volunteer at home shelters, especially if you want to help in a more “hands-on” way, and it doesn’t cost you any money, but it will make many people very grateful.

2. Donate toys

For many children, Santa can’t bring gifts every year. So if you have the opportunity to donate old (but playable) toys, toys that children from your family don’t play with anymore, or even buy new toys to donate, that will make a lot of kids very happy. Donation is a very traditional way to give back, but in the holiday season, donating toys that will make children happy is an absolutely unmatched way to give back.

3. Volunteer at animal shelters

If you are more of an animal person, animal shelters are always in need of volunteers. The holiday season love isn’t only for people, so if you love animals, that’s a great way to donate your time! Also, during this time, some shelters offer more affordable adoption fees. So how about adopting a furry friend from this holiday season for life?

4. Donate food and clothing

The holiday season can be very hard for many families. With the cold weather and lack of food and clothing, you can easily find some forgotten jacket in your closet that you don’t use anymore, but that will be someone’s salvation from the cold weather. 

Also, the next time you go to the supermarket, why not double a few items of nonperishable foods to give to someone else? The holiday season is so famous for its amazing food, but a lot of people don’t have the means to make extravagant meals. This way of giving back won’t cost as much as you think, and will really help someone or a family in need.

5. Monetary donation

If you are unsure about what to donate, where, or how, you can always donate money to your favourite cause. It’s an easier and more direct way to give back, that by any means has less significance to the act. 

6. Volunteer at nursing homes

Unfortunately, many elders are left and forgotten by their families in nursing homes. So why not make someone’s day special by paying a visit and giving them some attention? Not having any visitors in the holiday season can be very lonely, so any donated time will make an elder very happy.

7. Fundraising 

If you want to make this holiday different, instead of sharing gifts, why not involve friends and family in fundraising for a special cause? The Red Cross has an online fundraiser that can be easier to make with people from all over the world, so if you want to catch attention for a cause close to your heart, this is a very unique way to put your networking into action.

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8. Donate blood 

Not every donation has to be material or money worthy. How about this holiday season you bring a few friends and family members to donate blood for those in need? That way, not only will you be literally saving lives, but it won’t cost you anything.

9. Donate hair

If you’re looking for a new haircut for the holiday season, make a cancer patient very happy by donating your hair for a custom wig. But before that, make sure to check how many inches are needed to be cut for a donation, since usually it’s not every length of hair that is suitable.

Finding ways to give back in the holiday season can be very rewarding, especially if you feel guilty for having a lot. That’s why we made this list of 9 ways to give back this holiday season, in which you can either spend money or not do so. 

We hope we were able to inspire you with some new ideas to give back, as you can choose more than one and make many people and animals happy this holiday season!

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