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Wear more with less! How to transform the clothes you already own

Wear more with less! How to transform the clothes you already own

We’ve all been there, your favorite outfit is feeling tired and you’re bored of wearing it all the time even though it’s still in pretty good condition. It might be time for a wardrobe purge. 

Charities already receive large amounts of clothes on a daily basis, because of this, only 10% of a thrift store’s donated items are actually sold. Instead, your clothes are likely to be shipped to resale markets in developing countries; negatively impacting their economies. Countries in Africa for example, receive 70% of the global ratio of second-hand clothes and unfortunately, a lot of them end up in landfills.

So before you pack your clothes up and donate them to your nearest charity or thrift store, let’s look at different ways you can reuse pieces without compromising on style.

  1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

You’d be surprised by how much a nice jacket or shoes can change a look. Make sure to experiment with different accessories like tights, bags, sunglasses, or earrings, and don’t forget about your hair! Look for inspiration on sites like Pinterest or Instagram to see what outfits you can recreate with pieces that you already have.

  1. Try Different Combinations

Sometimes all you need to make yourself fall in love with an item again is to style it in a new way. Start by inviting your fashion-forward friend over to help you, and then assess your closet with fresh eyes. Try on forgotten items and come up with new pairings. The results may surprise you. The start of a new season is the perfect time for getting creative with layers and unexpected combinations to keep your style fresh.

  1. Practice Some Embroidery

This is my absolute favorite hack. Start with some colorful thread and a needle, and try your luck with a design that speaks to you. Maybe begin with something simple like a heart or a word until you can move onto more intricate designs like flowers, quotes and so forth. You could even change up your garments by adding in lace panels. If you have a broken necklace or bracelet, you can use the beads to style the neckline of sweaters for a whole new look altogether.

4. Get Creative!

Have you seen the effect bleach has on jeans? You can create an awesome ombre effect, or bleach them completely white for a fun new look. There are some great tutorials on YouTube that offer plenty of ideas, like this one where they only bleached half the jeans. Similarly, you can use clothing dye to do your own tie-dye and save money on a current trend.

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5. Unleash The Scissors 

Now, this might sound risky but it’s an amazing way to give new life to your clothes. Got a pair of ripped jeans you don’t wear anymore? Why not turn them into shorts? An oversized hoodie/shirt – make a crop top! You could even come up with your own unique designs. You can find some great tutorials online with all the tips you need.

I hope this inspires you to try new things and get creative with your outfits. It’s a bit of work for the big reward of leading a more sustainable lifestyle and developing a meaningful connection with your restyled garment in the process.

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