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What You Need to Know About CoolSculpting

What You Need to Know About CoolSculpting

It can be hard finding a way to lose weight and burn fat, especially in areas that are hard to control. It can range from back fat, double chin fat, and of course stomach fat. If you do not want to go under the knife then try CoolSculpting. “Coolsculpting is a great alternative to liposuction, with a non-surgical approach with no downtime needed.”  Coolsculpting does not have any serious risks, people who use CoolSculpting do not need to go on a diet and exercise since the procedure permanently destroys the fat cell walls. 

“CoolSculpting allows the fat to be frozen away through Cryolipolysis and gets disposed of out of our body’s natural digestive process (through your pee).” 

How It Works: 

“The CoolSculpting hand-piece is placed over the area of the unwanted fat area to be treated and left from 35 minutes. During this time, clients can rest, read, check email, and even nap!  While [you are] relaxing the fat is being frozen, causing the fat cells to die and the body’s natural processes then flush out these dead cells, removing them from the area and eventually the entire body” 

Is it permanent?:


What happens is your fat cells become crystallized and frozen during the CoolSculpting treatment, “they are destroyed naturally.” There is still a possibility for the remaining fat cells to “enlarge over time if weight is put on in the future.” This can affect the overall results of the CoolSculpting treatment.  

What results can I expect from CoolSculpting?: 

The final results from the treatment become visible within 6-12 weeks. 

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Who Can Do CoolSculpting?:

“Most people are suitable for CoolSculpting, however, obese, breastfeeding or pregnant clients are not suitable as well as clients suffering from severe Raynaud’s disease (if you suffer this hands and feet is more likely you are still suitable for this treatment).” 

Which Areas of the body is CoolSculpting appropriate for?:

“The CoolSculpting procedure can treat visible fat bulges in the Chin, Arms, Abdominal, Flanks, Waist, Bra fat, Auxiliary Puffs, Inner Thighs, Outer thigh, Banana rolls, Back Fat, Man Boobs, Breast Fat Tissue” 

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