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Winter Styling Tips You Should Know This Season!

Winter Styling Tips You Should Know This Season!

When it comes to winter fashion, there are a few tips and tricks to keep your outdoor outfits looking stylish throughout the cold season. During this time of year, it is important to stay warm with a winter coat and winter accessories, however, we also understand that at times it can be difficult to remain stylish through the many layers. Although winter accessories are meant to keep you warm, sometimes they can hinder your style through all the layers. But when styled correctly, these seasonal accessories can also prove to be stylish accents in completing your everyday outdoor look. For this brings the main question; how can you keep your style with all of these layers? – Well, we are here to guide you and share our styling tips to keep your outdoor outfits looking fresh, trendy, and cozy as ever!

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When styling a winter outfit, accessories are a game changer. Let’s start with the basics, a winter coat. Winter coats come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colours. Choose one that suits your style and of course winter needs. Once you have your coat, the styling all comes down to the chosen accessories. Of all the winter accessories, we recommend searching for a good scarf, hat, mitts, and boots. These are necessary pieces to own during the cold weather but they will also be the guiding elements to styling your overall look. 

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If you have a neutral or one-coloured tone coat, look for a winter accessory (scarf, hat, or mitts) to have a pop of colour, a pattern, or mix and match and you will stand out. On the other hand, if your winter coat has a pattern, bright or multiple colours, try pairing accessories that are simpler in tones to balance your overall look.

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Photo by Brunetteshavemorefum blog (@soniaheartsfashion)


Another great alternative option to styling your winter look could be to match all of your accessories with the same pattern and/or colour tones. This can create a cohesive monochromatic and trendy look. 

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Some final touches that can complete any outdoor look can come down to small accessories such as sunglasses and the bag you carry.

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With winter coming up around the corner, we hope these few styling tips can help you gain ideas and inspiration for styling your winter accessories. Overall, wear pieces that can be paired with your winter coat depending on its pattern and colour. This is a great foundation to start building your winter look using accessories. Wear layers, lots of layers, stay warm, and you’ll look fab!

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