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Working From Home – BEAUTY Edition

Working From Home – BEAUTY Edition

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a passion for something and be able to execute it from the comfort of your own home?

Lately, there has been an extreme rise in the amount of beauty-from-home businesses. Whether it’s opening your own personal nail salon, eyelash extensions, or eyebrow lamination and microblading; there are so many options for you to do!Even if you don’t want to pursue it full time, something like this is also a GREAT side hustle to do during your spare time for some extra cash.

There are so many courses that you can complete in person or virtually, where you just have to pay a fee and you’re immediately given all the guidance needed to learn and grow. You’ll also end up with a certification so you can get started right away.

I had the opportunity to interview the owners of two great home based beauty businesses both located in Vaughan, Ontario. Elaina from Laina-Lashes,  who has been in business for the past three years doing eyelash-extensions and Ivy from Icy Beauty, who recently completed her certification and is just starting off with eyelash extensions and eyebrow lamination. Both these wonderful ladies have a great outlook and first-hand experience in the industry. It was interesting to get a sense of perspective both from a new business owner  and the other giving us her veteran wisdom. 

Obviously, if you want to start your own beauty business from the comfort of your home, you need to already be interested in the industry! There are tonnes of different areas you could branch out into, but our lovely CEO’s who are mainly focusing on lashes, have always loved experimenting with different types of lash strips.

Newcomer to the industry, Ivy from Icy Beauty who is specializing in eyelash extensions and eyebrow lamination, has had a longtime love for beauty and makeup, “I’ve been doing my own eyebrow care and wearing eyelashes since I was in highschool, so hearing about the different eyelash and eyebrow services that were being provided, that I could provide, gave me the confidence to start my journey in the beauty industry. Ivy believes that the more interest, love and passion you have for something, the easier it is to execute a goal within it. “I believe beauty is art, so I wanted to become an artist” – Ivy (Owner of Icy Beauty).

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In terms of training options it’s all about research. There are so many academies and certified trainers you can find that range from different prices, who can help you get the certification and proper training that you need. Elaina, Owner of Laina Lashes, took her training three years ago and got valuable in-person experience, “It was a full day private course where I received a booklet on health and safety in the industry, a lot of practice on mannequins and got to try it out on two real life models.” Ivy who recently did her certification during quarantine says, “The learning experience was very different than I expected it to be. Doing the training for these services online from the comfort of my own home, made the training more comfortable for me and motivated me to get my certification.”

Working from home and being your own boss definitely has its perks! “I would say it’s more relaxed and also hectic because I am at home a lot more than I was when I had to leave my house to go to work. Cultivating a space in my home dedicated to my craft has helped the transition. The ability to create my own schedule has helped the flexibility of my work-life balance, despite working from home” says Ivy, as she is still transitioning from working her normal job to working from home as a lash technician. Elaina has dedicated an entire room in her basement as her lash studio, “It’s great because I have a lot of privacy and my own space”, she said. 

If you’re looking to get into this beauty-from-home industry, whether it’s getting certified as a lash technician, microblading artist, nail technician, cosmetic tattooing- just to name a few, it will require a lot of passion and motivation to get started, but it seems like it is very much worth it in the end. Remember practice makes perfect!

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