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Workout Guide: The Best 5 – 30 min Free Ab Workouts

Workout Guide: The Best 5 – 30 min Free Ab Workouts

Workout Guide

Now that summer is right around the corner, you are probably feeling the pressure to get in better shape. After this pandemic, our health and wellbeing will look a lot different and can mean many different things compared to a year or two ago. Nowadays, any type of movement is better than none; and that’s totally okay! In this article, we break down different sets of exercises you can complete on your own schedule in levels ranging from beginner and intermediate to advanced.

5-10 Minutes 

These 5-10 minute videos are perfect for people who do not have a lot of time during the day or want to add on something a little extra to finish up a different workout. Short ab videos pair great with any sort of cardio or HIIT training, making your workout more dynamic if you are up to it. Shorter videos are very easy to throw on during your daily Netflix break or fit into your crazy busy at-home work schedule. If you often have minimal motivation (which is totally okay), these workout videos are definitely a great place to start for small bursts of quality movement.

Beginner Option: 10 MIN SIX PACK ABS for TOTAL BEGINNERS by MadFit

Intermediate Option: Beautiful Abs | Pilates Core Sculpting Workout by Blogilates

Advanced Option: Quick Beginner and Advanced Ab Circuits by Whitney Simmons

15-20 Minutes

With 15-20 minute videos, these are your ideal options if you want to break a quick, light sweat and move just a little bit more. It’s also perfect for first thing in the morning if you like to get up a little earlier before your day starts. Any of these can also be done right after you finish your day with lots of time to spare. Many people find that shorter workouts like these can still be extremely beneficial to their energy levels and overall well being, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you tend to gravitate towards these great compact workouts.

Beginner Option: 15 MIN BEGINNER AB WORKOUT by MadFit

Intermediate Option: 20 MIN CORE/AB WORKOUT | At-Home Pilates by Move with Nicole

Advanced Option: Total ABS & Full Body Workout 20 Min by Chloe Ting

25-30 Minutes

Finally, these 25-30 minute videos are the best options if you are looking to build endurance, stamina and get in a solid sweat. Workout videos like these are great stand alone options as you will definitely finish feeling accomplished, satisfied and strong! Most of the time, we only need 30 minutes of exercise at most to get all the benefits, so this is a great place to work up to. Throw on a great playlist with high energy tracks and just try your best to have fun with these longer workouts.

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Beginner Option: 30 Minute Beginner Friendly AB WORKOUT At-Home by Swift Wellness

Intermediate Option: Abs Workout for People who get Bored Easily by FitnessBlender

Advanced Option: 1000 REPS Ab Challenge / INTENSE ABS WORKOUT by Caroline Girvan

I hope this article inspired you to get moving and think about your health in a new way this summer. Every single body is beautiful, different and has experienced a lot of change with this new unexpected lifestyle, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

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