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Yes You Can! Enjoy Your Smoothie On a Low Carb Diet

Yes You Can! Enjoy Your Smoothie On a Low Carb Diet

There’s some bad news for anyone looking to cut carbs from their diet; a smoothie from the local store could set you back 75 grams of carbs, if not more, per serving. Considering that a good low carb diet requires you to consume under 100 grams a day, that’s almost all of your daily allowance right there.

Lots of smoothies include honey, maple syrup, agave, dates, and lots of different kinds of fruits and fruit juices. That leaves them with ridiculously high sugar content, according to dietician Mary Claire Shurina.

There is some good news though; it’s entirely possible to make your own delicious low-carb smoothies at home, where you’ll be in complete control of what does (and doesn’t) go into it. Mary Claire recommends including one or two fruits, a healthy fat, and a protein into your smoothie. This combination of carbs, fats, and proteins prevent blood sugar spikes that become energy crashes. Adding a minimal amount of fruit and sweeteners also helps keep that carb content low.

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You can add some protein to the smoothie by blending in some (unsweetened) protein powder or a bit of Greek yogurt. Some nut butter or half an avocado can do the job for healthy fats. When choosing fruits, berries are a good choice. They have more fibre and less sugar compared to other fats. A half cup of blueberries, for example, has 11 grams of carbs compared to the 27 grams in a banana. It’s all about finding a good balance. Do that, and you can enjoy your daily smoothie without going above your carb limits.

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