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Your Guide to the ‘It Girl’ Clips: Kōv Hair Essentials Review

Your Guide to the ‘It Girl’ Clips: Kōv Hair Essentials Review

If you’ve scrolled on TikTok lately, you’ve probably seen Kōv Hair Essentials at least once on your FYP. They blew up on the app for marketing their claw clips as indestructible and size-inclusive to all hair types! It’s no secret that claw clips are one of the trendiest hair accessories right now. Whether you’re running errands, heading to work, or going to the gym, the claw clip works for any and all occasions.

After seeing their videos, I had to test out the infamous Kōv hair clips for myself. In today’s article, I’m here to tell you whether or not these ‘It Girl’ Clips are really worth all the hype!


Image by  Kōv Hair Essentials


Ivory Cloud Clip

My hair has always been super thick, so finding a claw clip that can hold my hair in place all day long is absolutely essential for me. Since my hair grows pretty quickly, the length sits on the medium-long side. So to give these clips a fair shot against my hair type, I had to test out a couple of different sizes!

The Cloud Clip retails for $24.00 and is purposed for medium-thick and medium-long hair. There’s a reason why it’s their most-loved and best-selling claw clip! I purchased the Cloud Clip in ivory and it’s now my go-to work accessory. Whether I am in a rush, feeling a little too lazy to style it, or just want it up and out the way for a busy workday, the Cloud Clip is absolutely perfect for holding my hair in place all day long. 

I love that I don’t have to readjust it at work or worry about it falling out mid-day. Plus, the stunning ivory design always gets me tons of compliments! This clip definitely won me over with its unique material, as it doesn’t cause any tension on my scalp like other clips out there. It’s safe to say that the Cloud Clip is definitely a worthy investment!


Image by Kōv Hair Essentials


Blonde Tortoise Mega Clip

Consider the Mega Clip the hair accessory that gets things done! Since my hair type is quite thick and weighs down the average claw clip, I definitely had to try the largest size in the Kōv Hair Essentials lineup too. If you are looking to tame your mane and wear a headache-free up-do all day long, the Mega Clip is definitely for you!

You’d be surprised to hear how many clips I have snapped in the past because my hair is just too thick to support. It can be a struggle to find large claw clips that actually cater to thicker and textured hair types. Unlike any other accessory on the market, the Mega Clip retails for $27.00 and is the dream accessory for girls with unique hair types! Designed with a wider clip body, longer teeth, and an incredibly flexible spring, the Mega Clip is perfect for long, thick, and textured hair.

Since the Mega Clip has a more flexible spring compared to their other size designs, Kōv experts say you may have to do some more readjusting throughout the day, but I find it’s never a problem! I opted for the Blonde Tortoise Mega Clip and I absolutely love this design. It works  as a trendy statement piece that completes any day or night look. Whether I am running errands, headed to a party, or having a night-in with friends, I can always rely on the Mega Clip to make my hair look fabulous!


Image by Kōv Hair Essentials


See Also

Blonde Tortoise Lush Comb

They say every healthy hair journey starts with a quality comb, so the third Kōv Hair Essentials product I tested was their unique Lush Comb! With thick hair like mine comes lots of knots and tangles by the end of the day. If you’re looking to improve breakage, split ends, and frizzy texture, a comb is a must-have beauty tool.

For $22.00, I purchased the Lush Comb in blonde tortoise. This comb is perfect for evenly distributing all my styling and treatment products! I especially love using it after shower to work through my wet hair. It feels amazing on sensitive scalps and gently detangles all knots with no problems! Plus, it’s made of high quality Cellulose Acetate, ensuring anti-static hair results with every use. This makes it the perfect hair tool for brushing through curls to achieve soft waves or get the trendy blown out look! I’ve been using the comb for about a month now and I loved that I finally ditched my paddle brush. Not only does my hair feel healthier and stronger, but the ends are significantly less frizzy!


Image by Kōv Hair Essentials


If your hair is the opposite of mine, Kōv has a specially designed clip to fit your unique hair needs too! Check out their Luna Clip for thin, short, and finer hair types. Not sure which clip size is right for you? Take their personalized Clip Quiz to find your perfect match and recommended style with the help of Kōv experts! No matter what clip works for you, all Kōv products come with a free 30-day full replacement warranty.

It’s safe to say that Kōv Hair Essentials have been deemed the ‘It Girl’ of hair accessories for a reason! Clips that are one-size-fits-all just don’t cut it anymore. Your hair standards deserve to be met with quality and care! We love that Kōv is changing the hair game with their size inclusive, trendy, and indestructible designs. Be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind hair accessory brand today! 


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